Humble Pie

My ‘Thanksgiving’ or just giving my thanks!

The last few years have been challenging for me and so incredibly amazing. I’ve only been married 6 years and have gratefully found my soulmate in my best friend. That wasn’t the hard part. Although not a walk in the park, as relationships goes we faced challenges but what I love about my husband is that he is my centre of gravity. He pulls my toward myself when I lose all rationale. He teaches me patience, acceptance and tolerance.

I’ve been blessed with a job I found wonderful and satisfying to my creative side. Or rather the job found me. A joyful and pleasing 8 years (until it ended) of building me up to all I can be and achieve in a short amount of time. I have learnt many personal strengths about myself from various mentors, friends and colleagues. Which has given me confidence to freelance and go it on my own till now. I’m a girl boss or boss lady.

6 Years of marriage and 3 kids in a space of 4 years. That alone is an entirely different job. One which only a mother and wife will know the benefit of and challenges.

Though when times got tough I don’t feel despair. I feel many things but always have a peace within.

I know where that peace comes from. It’s faith. It’s a deep unspoken true faith instilled in my heart that my book of life has already been written for me and regardless of what I encounter my outcome has also been finalised. It’s a feeling that I am taken care of. That everything will be alright. As long as I keep the belief and surrender myself to the faith and the most merciful.

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