DIY: Treat Jars

A gift that keeps on giving each time you dig into the jar.

It’s the time of year where we’re giving gifts and I’ve decided to do a treat jar for my kids teachers. Who doesn’t like a candy or cookie jar right? Here’s what you’ll need:

    • 2 x long jars with lids (I’ve used empty mayonnaise jars)
    • Can of spray in colour of choice

Clean the jars inside and out as well as lids and make sure to remove any glue. Spray the lids in a well ventilated area and wait to dry before adding a second coat of spray.

Decide on what you want to fill the jars with. That’s how I chose the wording for the front of each jar. It’s a ‘play’ on words. I had the words printed on a sticker at a printing shop. If you have a steady hand you could paint the words onto the jar.

I have a boy and a girl so for my daughters teachers I chose the “COOKIE” jar and my sons teacher I chose the “SMARTIE PANTS” jar. Hence I filled the cookie jar with choc-chip cookies and the smartie pants jar with smarties.

Add decorative details of your choice. I used a ribbon to add prettiness, a string to tie the card. And spoons which would make dishing easier.
Teachers and apples just go together so I added an apple shaped post-it at the back.









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