Easy Does It

Fashion is just the clothes, style is a skill.

It’s been so cold and rainy lately but I love it. Snuggly weather is my favourite kind. Luckily the sun came out a little bit for me to do some preggy fashion snaps before work.

Working in the fashion industry I get to see and know about all the options for maternity wear and I personally am not impressed. It’s all balloon tenting and elasticated. Someone out there is feeding the designers some nasty information.
Granted there may be 1 or maybe even 2 designers who could get it right it is most importantly about how you dress or style the garment.

This is a casual yet comfy look I put together. It’s mainly MRP, Cotton On, Woolworths and PnP Clothing. None of it maternity wear. I usually buy a size up so that I can wear it again afterwards. It will be slightly loose but not oversized or telling of maternity wear.






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