DIY: Tapestried Ottoman

Why buy when I have so much fun DIY?

I’m a DIY fundi. It’s one of my greatest hobbies. Finding gems in thrift stores or refurbishing old furniture of my own gives me joy. I think it’s the satisfaction of achieving the same thing in a grand store for a third of the price, and knowing that I can do it.

But I am bad at taking before pictures and the process. So here are some pictures to give you an idea of my requirements and the end result.

My mom had these 3 ottomans since I was born. She covered them in a pink velvet that has lasted for about 30 years. It was due for a new coat. And now it’s my turn. It looks a little ‘ou tyds’ but that’s just part of my style. I like things that remind me of way back when. Before my time. I’m secretly a grandma.

I used
– Foam
– Batting
– Lining
– Tapestry Fabric
– Heavy Duty Staple Gun

2016-09-01 09.01.00
2016-09-01 08.59.26 2016-09-01 08.56.22

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