The best way to get something done is to begin. – Author unknown

I’ve been planning to post some fashion/ style pics of myself for a long time. But there’s always been an excuse. Mainly I was/ am just self conscious of myself or being judged. I wanted to start a blog to share my knowledge of styling in general but also of how I style myself. I am a fashion hoarder. I like things and I have so many things to like. The stylist in me won’t rest so I’ll share them in pictures with you. Sometimes with topics related to something completely not about fashion but why not look good doing it?

So clearly I am pregnant (in these pics and still am). Yeah I’m happily flaunting a preggy belly in these style pics. This is my third pregnancy. A future blog post to come on how I’ve dealt with people saying “oh my why another child” and other judgements.

I always shied away from cameras while I was pregnant because I felt it was totally unflattering. You can’t hide the belly and the extra weight gain but a camera at times adds way more than in reality. If you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I asked my good friend to take these pictures. I wanted to show that being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your personal sense of style and succumb to the ballon tops and mom pants. I despise those. I have yet to find a decent and stylish maternity wear brand that is not dull in colour and does not flap in the wind. Oh and also doesn’t cost a lot of money. Let’s be honest. After the baby is born you can’t wear most of the maternity clothes again because you lost most of the weight. For pregnant wear I generally just buy ordinary clothing a size bigger so that I can wear it post pregnancy too. Except jeans. Waistbands kill me so for the most part I live in my leggings.

This outfit is totally practical and comfy. Okay my cat ears hat is a bit quirky but that’s my personal touch. I’d generally be seen in black but my 15month old boy uses me as a hand towel. Always wiping me with his grubby hands. So a printed pants like this hides most of that. I’m realistic, I don’t have time or energy to change 2 or 3 times a day so I keep having my kids in mind. I can still manage to walk in a kitten heel so for ‘special’ occasions I put on these comfy heels and I feel dressed.

At the moment I am a freelance stylist so I’m still working. I take pride in my dress for work when I have to go into an office or on set. But I think generally you need to take pride in your appearance. Don’t dress for others but dress to make yourself look and feel good. This is a work in progress for all of us, me included. I love me some tracksuit pants and pj’s on a regular day at home. And my husband totally doesn’t mind it but a cleaned up version of it can be helpful too. No slumming it when you can look stunning in it. Stay tuned for some more preggy style pics.

139A7282 139A7150 139A7318

Photographs by Debra Roets

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